Mr scarecrow

There once was a scary scarecrow

who said, “As you know ,I’m just here for show

I stay here all day

Scaring crows away

It’s a very boring job, you know!”


A king is born

A long long time ago

It did happen so

That a king of great wisdom

Looked down to his kingdom

And he sadly remarked, No!

So he called his council to his throne

And he said, “see my people, my very own

They have gone astray

They have left the right way

These things they’ve done, I cannot condone”


“Since they’ve done these things I condemn

My anger is upon them

Which one of you

Will go down and rescue

My people from the wrath that awaits them”?


Then he looked around

But all faces were to the ground

He echoed, “who shall I send”!

“Who shall I send”!

But there was not one sound


Then someone stood up from the row

  • And there was muttering ; “This cannot be so”

For it was a high-born

His very own son

He said, “Send me lord, I will go”

Then the king said to a messenger

“Go down to a woman named Mary and tell her

she has worn my favor

And through her will come the savior

She will be the mother of the messiah”

Soon after the visit of the messenger

Pregnant Mary was in a manger

There she gave birth to a son

Who was no ordinary born

He was the one to be the messiah

That night three men saw something afar

They looked, it was a bright shinning star

And they knew then

(for they were wise men)

That a king had been born somewhere far

So the three men followed the star

All the way to Judea

And then the star led them

Into Bethlehem

And there they found the new-born in a manger

And that was the beginning of the greatest story

To ever be known in history

The story of Jesus

Who came down to save us

Leaving behind his heavenly glory

He would live no more than thirty-five years

But his death would not be one  bring tears

For his mission was done

On the day he passed on

He had saved us from our fears

And his word continue to spread on

Long after he was gone

From country to country

Viral went his story

And it all started that day he was born

And so every 25th December

Will be in date to remember

When Jesus christ our Lord

Came down to the world

To be our hope and our redeemer